Victory Today !

Has this every happen to you, you fall asleep but somehow you really never fell asleep? In fact you awake with the same load of doubt and frustration that you cuddled in bed with the previous night. Well, I’ll be honest I had nights that rolled over into days as I previously described. Only as I rose this particular morning it happened to be a Sunday. As I stood in church amongst the congregation, the choir went forth using their gifts boldly. They began to sing “Victory is mine, Victory today is mine….” I got lost in freedom just in those few lines. Every weight I had been carrying started to fall off. In the form of a song I was remind that I had victory already in my possession. All I had to do what declare it. Not for a future date or after I got some ducks in a roll. Today I had victory.

I don’t know what has caused restless nights or stress filled days.  All I know is whether it’s the job with co-workers, delays in your vision coming to past, hurts you are working to resolve or any other circumstance, you have the Victory Today! Victory has to be claimed and owned. Posses it today. Some of you might be saying “But Tiffany nothing indicates that I have victory.” I understand your point of view but victory is not determined by what you see in front of you. It’s a knowing that you have been equipped to triumph.  By owing this position, partnered with the faith to receive it, mountains shall fall. It will not be a maybe.  In the mean time, cast your load of worries, fears, anxiety away. (Psalms 55:22) Today walk in, talk in, and sleep in peace. This month remember to focus on today’s victory.

Destination Assignment

  1. Name up to 3 burdens that are weighing you down.
  2. How can you gain peace with those circumstances?
  3. Post “Today Victory is Mine”  somewhere visible ( if need post in several places)

Love and Hugs,