The Power of Gratitude

Take a think trip back when you were growing up. Isn’t funny how some things you experience as a kid happens to stick with you. I remember my 8th grade graduation, we had a speaker and to honest I can’t tell you half of what he said. I was just ready to be at a new level, the next big thing … high school!  But I do remember this one phase he said referring to obtaining life goals. “Everyone wants to take the elevator but sometimes you have to take the stairs.”

The elevator is quick and smooth; the stairs on the other hand can turn in a workout sweat and all. If one had to choose, I believe most people if even the option would have their hands waving in the air to choose the sleek elevator! But what happens when you are striving toward your goal and you have to take the stairs that can be tedious and uncomfortable (not to mention sweat treating to mess up your pretty.)  With each step it’s easy to have thoughts start to run through your head to stop.  Besides this ride was supposed to be smooth.

I have found that one power booster for climbing the stairwell is gratitude.  In the U.S bill of rights its uses a powerful phase “the pursuit of happiness.” I firmly believe if you only wait to arrive at the port of your divine destination, you will be drained of  your happiness even if you grasps it. Instead expressing and seeking opportunities to be thankful will fuel you and make your work meaningful along the way.  Exercise being thankful whether it’s that you had a opportunity to reach one person, or you made it up another flight of stairs. As Joyce Meyer often says, “I might not be where I want to but thank God I’m not where I use to be.”

Power up! Look around and acknowledge your progress and your impact.

Destination Assignment

1: Write 3 things that you are grateful for.

2. Note 3 areas of growth.

3. How can exercising more gratitude along your journey benefit you?

Love and Hugs,