U of I

Here is what people are saying about Tiffany’s performances:

Powerful, inspirational, and uplifting” – Mercedes Bern-Klug Ph.D. MS, MA  

      Associate Professor

      Univerity of Iowa School of Social Work

Tiffany Flowers gives an honest and captivating presentation. She easily held the attention of nearly 100 teens and adults at our 15th annual Authentic Voices Young Woman’s Conference”.

_Betsy Zmuda-Swanson

Tiffany Flowers is truly an inspirational speaker who has the ability to capture her audience and empower them through her gift ! Our students highly enjoyed her performance and she made an everlasting positive Impact on them! Her ability is definitely unique, very talented!                         –


Ashford University-Clinton IA






4 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. “Easy bake ovens…1st Cake & Icecream party…Rock teacher on the porches of Chicago…Scrap knees before and after the race to the corner…You have always influenced my character.” – Cousin

  2. Cassandra Johnson said:

    An inspiration, a breath of air. .. when I read your work I feel like I’m there with you — energized for the next whatever that might be. Very inspiring.

  3. Angella Grant said:

    I love that my daughter loves you! It touches my heart that you take your time to spend with her and give her speical attention that she needs & deserves! Thank you Tiffany for being such a blessing and a friend to AryeAnna! She enjoys spending time with you and I thank you for that! I would love to hear you speak sometime! Miss you and hope to see you soon! God bless you!

  4. Tiffany, I really enjoyed reading all the wonderful things people had to say about you. God is doing amazing things in your life. Keep me posted and I hope that I can help you as you continue to live your purpose or at the least be an encouraging friend. Blessings sis!!

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