Springing Forward

Well the time has come where everyone has sprung forward. Pushed their clocks an hour ahead. I must say I was thrilled to see the sun still out after 6pm! Not to mention, the sun was shining and it was 40 degrees which translates to 80 here in the Midwest. Yay for weather above -50 degrees! The cabin fever I been holding broke. In the mist of my enthusiasm I was interrupted by a friend of mine who jumped in saying “I was so mad I lost a hour (of sleep) I’m sleepy.” Humph the same day had past; I hadn’t missed or felt the lost of an hour. In fact, I was energized.
While his and I experience were different, neither was wrong. It donned on me, time can at some points require us speed forward or even fall back. We can have lost or gain in the clicking of the hands of a clock. What does matter is our response. See I went for walk, wrote, stirred myself up in praise and hope I have been given. A much needed remedy. My friend? He napped to recover for his lost then worked.
Our needs change. I would like you to take an inventory of your needs. Check for any areas that may be out of balance or in need of deleting from your to do list. Spring forward in style and top notched self care. Besides you deserve it. You work hard for your calling so better treat yourself right. (In my Donna Summers voice)
Sparkle On,
Tiffany D. Flowers
Destiny Assignment
1. Make a list of your 5 core needs. Note any need of changes
2. If need pick 1 need to fill once a day. Gradually add more need filling activities.