“Raise and Shine”

My grandma would wake up early every morning listen to the radio and drink her a few cups of coffee. After she would settle into her day she would come and wake me up. If you did not know, I do not like waking up early in morning especially before the sun is up. That’s just criminal. But she would say “Tiffany raise and shine, we got to make” and as I groan she would repeat herself “raise and shine we got make it” After I awoke she would dress me for the day which required a cute little outfit when it was warm and when it in the heart of winter I would be buddle up so I could hardly walk. I wanted to ask “Do I really need a sweater over my long sleeve shirt, long johns, show suit, hat, scarf, and gloves?

There is one thing I could say, no matter the season every morning we rose, we shined, and we made to our destination. This month I calling everyone on this journey to rise and shine. Arise and face you day with confidence. Don’t forget the shine, it’s the key. You can awake with negative demeanor. Or arise with a glow that will not only position you to take full advantage of your day and positively impact someone else along the way.

As long as you keep rising and shining you will meet your goal.

Shining Tips

  1. Smile. Smiling instantly brings joy to oneself and rubs off on other even if they tend to wear a frown. Smiling is contagious.
  2. Give sincere complements to those around you including yourself.
  3. Confidently continue to seek your dream. There is happiness and life in the pursuit.
  4. Believe you will make it if you continue to rise.

Destiny Assignment:

Identify an area it’s time to arise in. How do you need to “dress” for the season to bring you to victory?