Poetry In Motion

Poetry In Motion
April is Poetry Month! Lets get the balloons and cups overflowing with stanzas, hyperboles, similes metaphors, haikus, and alliterations. It is a party! Whoot! Whoot! I think April is a perfect month because of a well know saying we all learned as children. April showers brings what? … That’s right May flowers. As a poet and those who are either interested or drawn to this art form, it takes rain. Rain like tears ( see the metaphor hahaha) brings forth beauty in the mist of what is muddy.
In the mud we can create. Whether it is poetry on page, a picture painted on canvas, or a period you are in on your job, family, or business; rain comes. I believe just as poetry can be written in motion in the rain, so can you. It feeds to create life changing pieces or positions straight from the heart. Ones that connect you God, to your neighbors, strengthen your vision, pushes you when you want to stop. But the words as well as the Word, sets you in motion on a narrow road just for you bring beauty from ashes.
So write the poem, paint that picture, read that Psalm,start the business, change careers because we are in motion toward your destination.
Let us dance in the rain until the flowers bloom
Forward Living
Tiffany D. Flowers
Destiny Assignment
1. Find and post for you and others to see your favorite piece of poetry/art
2. Why are you connected to this piece