Victory Today !


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Has this every happen to you, you fall asleep but somehow you really never fell asleep? In fact you awake with the same load of doubt and frustration that you cuddled in bed with the previous night. Well, I’ll be honest I had nights that rolled over into days as I previously described. Only as I rose this particular morning it happened to be a Sunday. As I stood in church amongst the congregation, the choir went forth using their gifts boldly. They began to sing “Victory is mine, Victory today is mine….” I got lost in freedom just in those few lines. Every weight I had been carrying started to fall off. In the form of a song I was remind that I had victory already in my possession. All I had to do what declare it. Not for a future date or after I got some ducks in a roll. Today I had victory.

I don’t know what has caused restless nights or stress filled days.  All I know is whether it’s the job with co-workers, delays in your vision coming to past, hurts you are working to resolve or any other circumstance, you have the Victory Today! Victory has to be claimed and owned. Posses it today. Some of you might be saying “But Tiffany nothing indicates that I have victory.” I understand your point of view but victory is not determined by what you see in front of you. It’s a knowing that you have been equipped to triumph.  By owing this position, partnered with the faith to receive it, mountains shall fall. It will not be a maybe.  In the mean time, cast your load of worries, fears, anxiety away. (Psalms 55:22) Today walk in, talk in, and sleep in peace. This month remember to focus on today’s victory.

Destination Assignment

  1. Name up to 3 burdens that are weighing you down.
  2. How can you gain peace with those circumstances?
  3. Post “Today Victory is Mine”  somewhere visible ( if need post in several places)

Love and Hugs,


Mircrowave Mentality

I have heard often that we live a microwave society.  I never truly thought  about that statement because first I’m a microwave top chief and who doesn’t want results yesterday. One evening while I was rushing to complete my to-do list I stop briefly  and  began preparing a first class delicacy, Chicken Ramen Noodles in la microwave. Once I had a second  to eat my meal, I realized it was burnt, I had forgotten to add water.  All because I was rushing  to get my
to-do list done now!
Remembering this coined term,  a microwave society,  stuck me like never before.  I thought, how the desire of wanting things, careers, healing, spouses, ministries right now, can burn a dream into pieces. Costing a once inspiring person their Divine mission in this world. How powerful the word patience is. Patience doesn’t mean to adapt someone is going just drop my dream off on my door step  mentality. To  be patient means to endure. To endure the up and downs you will face. To endure the extra hours to get that promotion, the no’s you will get when all you want is yes. Having a big dream but having little to show for it right now.  If you are desiring a to the bride instead of the bridesmaids, be patient and endure.
One of the biggest adversaries in a microwave society is having a microwave mentality. They share a common enemy … small beginnings. It is written do not despise humble beginnings. (Zechariah 4:10 KJV)  It is this  period in time to learn the art of patience, build the capacity, character, and habits to reach your goal at the right time.
Remember microwaves while quick can burn. I wouldn’t take that chance with my purpose.
Destination Assignments
Have you been affected by the microwave mentality ? If so how?
How can you address these areas?
Love and Hugs

Super Hero Day or Not!

“It’s a Bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!  Everyone knows that popular phase. Superman an all-time hero. I’m more of an X-men fan myself.   Storm, Beast, Wolverine, Cyclops, and let’s not forget the unforgettable Jean “The Phoenix.” Watching these superheroes every Saturday morning with my niece was more than a tradition.  We would be clued to the t.v. seeing how these characters would run into a battle every week, release their superpowers and gain yet another victory.  My niece and I then would argue over which X-man or Power Ranger we were (I was the pink one by the way). While we may be introduced to comic book super heroes as a child they linger over into our adulthood.

There something captivating about these fictional characters. Maybe it’s their powers we desire in a world we can easily “feel” powerless in. For me and maybe for others its comic heroes like Jean and Storm I imagined because like them I was a fighter. Like me or you, every-day can become a battle to win against the “bad guys” like depression, fear, doubt, an expected bill, a dream that seems too far away from where you currently stand. Only we do not have fictional powers to change the weather from a raining evening  to a sunny day. Blast fire from the sky and be 100 percent confident we will win yet again.

But the truth is, we like in cartoons and movies have battles. In all of us is a desire to be a superhero only in plain clothing (or not make it fun why don’t ya). To fight battle after battle and remain an unaffected victor.  However, we are not fictional characters; we are real with real challenges and real opportunities. We can’t fight every week and believe there are not any scars.

I writing this to you to say sometimes to fight you have to rest. While there is a power on the inside of you working within, the side effects of the battle are normal. We often do ourselves a disservice by trying to be a cartoon instead of a human who is strong and can rest simultaneously.

I encourage you this month to muscle up your entire strength and rest hero for yet another victory.

Love and Hugs,


Destiny Assignment

  1. In what are areas are you pushing yourself too hard?
  2. How can you alleviate some of the pressure?
  3. What power /talent do you have that can be strengthen if it was nurtured ?

Dress for the Occasion


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April showers brings May…snow? No I’m pretty sure the saying is April showers brings May flowers; however, as I looked out the window, there is snow in May, where are the flowers??? There nothing more than I love is when the winter finally breaks, I can finally start wearing my favorite dresses, shirts, and bright colored heals. But noooo! it’s snowing and I have on full weather attire. I even looked at the calendar and yep spring started March 20th.  To make it worst I view pictures of my friends in different states bragging on temperatures of 80 degrees (which is just cruel by the way)

While I have been bummed out that I haven’t been able to ware my pink open toe heals, it did get me to thinking. Yes while there was snow it was indeed Spring even though outside did not match the picture of what I had on my mind.  The fact is that there are four seasons but each year they manifest differently. Sometime we have short winters and long summers, springs where the pollen is higher than the last, or fall comes swiftly. We can never quite know why, but can be assured each season will run its course.

Just as there are seasons in weather, there are season in our lives. I don’t know what season you may be in now, it might be a sunny day but you are facing opposition with the potential to seal your bounty.  Or maybe like here in the mid-west your season of winter has lasted longer than expected. What I do know is every season carries its own purpose, challenges, and possible disparities.  Embrace the forecast, dress for the weather, it cannot be rushed or compared to others. Your season must run its course.  There a reason for the season that is connected to your destiny and legacy.

Destiny Assignment
1. What season are you in in your life and why?

2. Write your belief for the purpose of the season?

3. What attire (needs) or actions do you need to finish the course?

Love and Hugs


He Said … She Said

There is nothing like a trying to get to the bottom of conflict amongst children. As an aunt of 11 nieces and nephews the story line usually begins with he said … she said. As I look forward to my trip home to visit my family and my new great-niece, I thought about how he said and she said can a vast amount of power, even when it comes to the direction we take in our lives. Once in college I was taking an advance Spanish course. While I minored in Spanish the vast majority of my course-mates were held majors and just returned from studying abroad in Mexico and Spain. As you can imagine, it was a tad challenging for me. Ok it more than that, it was hard! I couldn’t speak as well and I had to study more. My professor spoke to my advisor, and he said I should withdraw then she said I should and I agreed. But just this morning I realized I wasn’t failing and it was a great opportunity to improve my Spanish. But because he said and she said I walk away.
I wonder how many people on this journey with me walk away from the things they love and desired to accomplish because of a he said … she said moment. Think about it? Have you walked away from who you wanted to be? Memories stolen from what you wanted to try or go after? Like becoming a cheerleader or starting that new business? Today, you can decide to take away the power of what other people may say. Embrace the challenge that will accompany your transformation. You will have period when you have to study more, be in a room with individuals with more experience but if it is your destiny you belong there. It’s apart of your training. Know you can handle the season of growth and skill building.
So the next you encounter a dream killer tell them what Tiffany said, “I can handle this!”
Destiny Assignment
1.How has he said and said impacted your direction in your life?
2.List 3 way how you can step back into what you may have walked away from?

“Raise and Shine”

My grandma would wake up early every morning listen to the radio and drink her a few cups of coffee. After she would settle into her day she would come and wake me up. If you did not know, I do not like waking up early in morning especially before the sun is up. That’s just criminal. But she would say “Tiffany raise and shine, we got to make” and as I groan she would repeat herself “raise and shine we got make it” After I awoke she would dress me for the day which required a cute little outfit when it was warm and when it in the heart of winter I would be buddle up so I could hardly walk. I wanted to ask “Do I really need a sweater over my long sleeve shirt, long johns, show suit, hat, scarf, and gloves?

There is one thing I could say, no matter the season every morning we rose, we shined, and we made to our destination. This month I calling everyone on this journey to rise and shine. Arise and face you day with confidence. Don’t forget the shine, it’s the key. You can awake with negative demeanor. Or arise with a glow that will not only position you to take full advantage of your day and positively impact someone else along the way.

As long as you keep rising and shining you will meet your goal.

Shining Tips

  1. Smile. Smiling instantly brings joy to oneself and rubs off on other even if they tend to wear a frown. Smiling is contagious.
  2. Give sincere complements to those around you including yourself.
  3. Confidently continue to seek your dream. There is happiness and life in the pursuit.
  4. Believe you will make it if you continue to rise.

Destiny Assignment:

Identify an area it’s time to arise in. How do you need to “dress” for the season to bring you to victory?

My Valentine

I . Love. You.  I said it. I love you! I see the beauty made from ashes. Your perfect imperfections I’ve learned and learning to cuddle.  Express compassion.  No store bought balloons or chocolate in heart shaped boxes. My Valentine, you hold no flowers paid for by the hands of a man you adore.

You are loved Valentine by me. I am your Valentine, one who can now be with 365 days a year. I’ll say the words you crave to hear. Speak them in truth. You are special, uniquely crafted, and unforgettable.  You brighten a room with your imperfect smile.

Don’t doubt even though no man may have said this to you but I will and say it in truth.

 Besides it’s written a in a Book composed of 66 chapters detailing your significance and how an everlasting love surrounds you. No man needed. It’s eternally sealed Valentine.

 I love you!

I love me! And I’ll gladly be my Valentine.

Oh Oh!!! I Didn’t See That Coming

As a go getter, a person with a dream, and full of determination I would bet you have a mapped out plan. Like me I have a mission that I am pursuing to manifest this year within myself and others. There nothing like when you catch on to a dream. You are on cloud nine. You can even taste which taste as good as your grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. Everybody knows nobody’s cookies taste better than your grandma’s (except mine)

Full of optimism with a few success stories under your belt, this dream has you full of energy, happiness, and even a sense of being proud of oneself. Then oh oh! Where you were on cloud nine, you are on ground zero.
To be honest I was reluctant to write this month. Here it was I was knocking out my New Year’s resolutions, confidence up, published my website then I fell into doubt and a host of hurts emerged and I went from “I can do this!” to “What am I’m doing?” “Why did I think I could take on these tasks?” Asking myself, “don’t you see you still have some wounds? You can’t do this”

Then I remembered what I would like for you to consider, we are on a journey. While on a journey, there are peaks and valleys, stop lights, and traffic congestion that might delay out ETA (estimated time of arrival) but there is a destination with your name on it with my name on it, if you do not faint or give-in. I want you know that our road does not haveto be perfect and neither do we. Even the highways are always under construction and so can we.

Know That It Is Common To Have High and Low Points: The road to success or healing doesn’t occur in a straight line. I have found that in some of my low points I have received the most healing which allowed me to do more. To help more people. To come up with a few extra jokes. (Side note: what kind of bell doesn’t ring? Answer at the bottom)
Make a Learning Moment: All things work together for your good. Look closely; ask how your present circumstances can enrich your future.

Remember Why You Are On This Journey: Write it out and post it up.
Destiny Assignment:
Show yourself some compassion: What do you appreciate about yourself? List 3 things you have already improved in and celebrate.
Answer: A dumb bell (haha I make myself laugh)

I’m hanging in there with you, don’t let go of my hand and I won’t let go of yours.

Love and Hugs,


New Year, New Level!

Happy New Year!!!  As I reflect over the past year, I noted contributions to my successes and to my unfilled goals. Settling is what I identified as a barrier.  Have you every settled for less? At some point in your life like me, I can confidently say yes you have.  Settled for less than you were worth. Settle for a mundane life when you have a dream in your heart which will not silence itself no matter how hard you try.  Life happens to all of us and it has the potential to paralyze us.

Even the internationally known boxer Rocky Bolboa had to make a decision when challenged to become the boxing champion seemed bigger than him. He could have chosen to settle for a boxer or to become the champion.  As we have started this journey together settling for less can no longer be an option.  Just think If Rocky would have buckled instead of striving we wouldn’t have the best theme song known to man!

The problem often is we bury our true desires. Trade them in for what we believe is more obtainable. However, you were not born to live a life under your potential or talents. You will prosper this year and manifest your heart’s desire.  As we rekindle your passion, your dreams for 2013 will no longer deferred.

Keys to Raising the Bar in 2013

1. Give Permission: Give yourself permission to dream again and reconnect to your vision. What is it that makes your eyes light-up just by speaking about it?

2. Stay Optimistic: Surround yourself with daily inspiration; create a vision board with pictures of your goals you will obtain, read or listen to audios that gets your blood pumping (it worked for Rocky)

3. Become a Cheerleader.   I know what you are thinking; no you do not have to go buy a cheerleader’s uniform. You can however, encourage yourself with positive statements such as “I am on my way”  “I have what it takes to accomplish my goals” Post this affirmation around your home.

4. Let Your Efforts Meet the Right Time:  One thing I do know is the only thing we can control is our work ethic and your attitude. Put forth the consistent effort and trust in due season you will reap your reward.

Destiny Assignment:

Write how your life would look if there were not any barriers. List the goals and dreams you have. Then make a decision to take a step that will move you toward your goals.  I look forward to hearing about your dream and the steps you have taken.

I believe in you.          

Love and Hugs,


Spoken Word

Wings (sample)
They say I can be whatever I want to be, cuz I have wings that can fly to the sky of everlasting opportunity. But nothing comes from nothing and I come from hand-washed clothes and thrift stores, beans and fried chicken wings, no running water or working light , crack pipes and heroine, fist fights and floating targets, domestic violence and confusion, confusion and depression, depression and then hopelessness.
That’s why nothing comes from nothing but you still telling me that I can still be something…

Commentary: I wrote this poem out of doubt. Doubt in what the “cheerleaders” around me were telling me how I could succeed. Despite my effort, everything in my life was telling me the opposite. I dig deep as I explore these doubts as well as my ability overcome my circumstances.

Every month there will be a new post to launch you forward. For daily inspiration follow me on twitter: tiffanydflowers and