Out with Old … In With The New

One thing I have learned is the saying change is inevitable applies not only to situations, people, places, and things but to me and you. I write this entering 2014 because many of us will enter the new year with the same limiting beliefs that has contributed to the stagnation or even the death of the manifestation of the fruit of our calling in previous years. However, you can choose to grasp hold of the truth that you have or can make the changes within your life to reach a higher level.

I must admit I stumbled upon this factual notion that I cannot base my ability, success or lack of success based on the me of the past. I was actually joking around with my friend Heather about how when I was in the second grade I couldn’t for the life of me make a paper snowflake in art class.  I joked how since I couldn’t do it at the time, I got creative and made my project using older crafts from class. You should have saw me, I gestured with grandeur how the teachers looked at me with concern. It was funny, if I could say so myself.

What I didn’t know was it wasn’t funny at all. Here it was as an adult ( I’ll skip the age) saying to my friend that I can’t make a snowflake because I couldn’t do it when I was 7 years old ( I can tell you that age). I decided to make a snowflake. With Heather’s instruction I made it!  I couldn’t do it then but I could now. I want to let you know that just because you couldn’t or struggled in past years does not mean you can’t be successful today. Believe you have change or can change.

Destiny Assignment

1.      Identify 3 things that you can do now that you could do before.

2.      Write how the old you is influencing the new you. How can you tap into the future you?

Love and Hugs,