Oh Oh!!! I Didn’t See That Coming

As a go getter, a person with a dream, and full of determination I would bet you have a mapped out plan. Like me I have a mission that I am pursuing to manifest this year within myself and others. There nothing like when you catch on to a dream. You are on cloud nine. You can even taste which taste as good as your grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. Everybody knows nobody’s cookies taste better than your grandma’s (except mine)

Full of optimism with a few success stories under your belt, this dream has you full of energy, happiness, and even a sense of being proud of oneself. Then oh oh! Where you were on cloud nine, you are on ground zero.
To be honest I was reluctant to write this month. Here it was I was knocking out my New Year’s resolutions, confidence up, published my website then I fell into doubt and a host of hurts emerged and I went from “I can do this!” to “What am I’m doing?” “Why did I think I could take on these tasks?” Asking myself, “don’t you see you still have some wounds? You can’t do this”

Then I remembered what I would like for you to consider, we are on a journey. While on a journey, there are peaks and valleys, stop lights, and traffic congestion that might delay out ETA (estimated time of arrival) but there is a destination with your name on it with my name on it, if you do not faint or give-in. I want you know that our road does not haveto be perfect and neither do we. Even the highways are always under construction and so can we.

Know That It Is Common To Have High and Low Points: The road to success or healing doesn’t occur in a straight line. I have found that in some of my low points I have received the most healing which allowed me to do more. To help more people. To come up with a few extra jokes. (Side note: what kind of bell doesn’t ring? Answer at the bottom)
Make a Learning Moment: All things work together for your good. Look closely; ask how your present circumstances can enrich your future.

Remember Why You Are On This Journey: Write it out and post it up.
Destiny Assignment:
Show yourself some compassion: What do you appreciate about yourself? List 3 things you have already improved in and celebrate.
Answer: A dumb bell (haha I make myself laugh)

I’m hanging in there with you, don’t let go of my hand and I won’t let go of yours.

Love and Hugs,