My Valentine

I . Love. You.  I said it. I love you! I see the beauty made from ashes. Your perfect imperfections I’ve learned and learning to cuddle.  Express compassion.  No store bought balloons or chocolate in heart shaped boxes. My Valentine, you hold no flowers paid for by the hands of a man you adore.

You are loved Valentine by me. I am your Valentine, one who can now be with 365 days a year. I’ll say the words you crave to hear. Speak them in truth. You are special, uniquely crafted, and unforgettable.  You brighten a room with your imperfect smile.

Don’t doubt even though no man may have said this to you but I will and say it in truth.

 Besides it’s written a in a Book composed of 66 chapters detailing your significance and how an everlasting love surrounds you. No man needed. It’s eternally sealed Valentine.

 I love you!

I love me! And I’ll gladly be my Valentine.