Mircrowave Mentality

I have heard often that we live a microwave society.  I never truly thought  about that statement because first I’m a microwave top chief and who doesn’t want results yesterday. One evening while I was rushing to complete my to-do list I stop briefly  and  began preparing a first class delicacy, Chicken Ramen Noodles in la microwave. Once I had a second  to eat my meal, I realized it was burnt, I had forgotten to add water.  All because I was rushing  to get my
to-do list done now!
Remembering this coined term,  a microwave society,  stuck me like never before.  I thought, how the desire of wanting things, careers, healing, spouses, ministries right now, can burn a dream into pieces. Costing a once inspiring person their Divine mission in this world. How powerful the word patience is. Patience doesn’t mean to adapt someone is going just drop my dream off on my door step  mentality. To  be patient means to endure. To endure the up and downs you will face. To endure the extra hours to get that promotion, the no’s you will get when all you want is yes. Having a big dream but having little to show for it right now.  If you are desiring a to the bride instead of the bridesmaids, be patient and endure.
One of the biggest adversaries in a microwave society is having a microwave mentality. They share a common enemy … small beginnings. It is written do not despise humble beginnings. (Zechariah 4:10 KJV)  It is this  period in time to learn the art of patience, build the capacity, character, and habits to reach your goal at the right time.
Remember microwaves while quick can burn. I wouldn’t take that chance with my purpose.
Destination Assignments
Have you been affected by the microwave mentality ? If so how?
How can you address these areas?
Love and Hugs