Make A Power Move

Apart of my life growing up, I was raised by my second older brother who cared for 5 girls plus his wife.  I know you guys are already cringing saying poor guy. But I have to give it him; he made the best out it. He definitely was spoiled which he played up to this very day even though he would deny it. In one of his attempts to get the boy he desired he brought home a brand new Sega Genesis with a Mortal Combat video game. My niece and I while not ecstatic as my brother; we gave it a try. I was really frustrated at first because I could never learn any of the power moves to allow me the chance to win. I lost ever game. This losing streak would continue until I found Sonja and learned her power move of kicking at warp speed. Then I started learning how to others like flying in the air doing a twist kick. Before you know I was winning match after match even against my brother which he would probably deny.

I got to thinking how much of this game could be applied to life. How much it applied to people who bear a dream so big it consumes them.  I come to learn just a dream brings life and can also lead to a heavy, bitter heart. Here is why, you see yourself living out your dream in your ordain destination. You want live out all of what in the desire of your heart. Yet in the now you are facing no’s, growing pains, a cloudy vision, and others appearing to surpass you.

Your arrival to your Devine destination doesn’t work that way. It’s like that game. It happens by learning and executing one power move at a time. It take even finding the character, in this instance developing the “You” needed to take hold of your destiny. Then you can build upon one power move at a time. The first power move you must make is taking the first step. Just has it’s written from there you must have patience and grow from glory to glory. (2 Corinthians 3:18) Just ask Ronnisha Lynn Founder and CEO of the clothing line Aura. Aura first started as Aura Fashion boutique based in Kansas City Mo, now it’s growing into a national brand appearing on runways across the nation including New York City, Ohio, Florida, etc. When asked what was her first power she stated it was making a decision to open her very own boutique .Backed with hard work “it open a lot of additional opportunities.”

In the mean time, your attitude in between levels is the key. The fuel behind growth is carrying an attitude of expectancy and gratitude.  Not only for yourself but other’s victory. Ronnisha Lynn stated   “While there were several other boutiques, my thought process was, how can I set myself apart? which led to idea to launch fashion shows and then a magazine” Notice she was not discourage or  negative about the other businesses.  Depending where you are, in the meantime season, spend it wisely on focusing on the power move you are in or if you are in transition prepare for your next Power Move. Just as Ronnisha Lynn did, with Aura boutique booming and magazine attracting famous individuals, her next power move is The Midwest Fashion Week where she the first from her area or small town to be chosen.  Remember it’s all about one power move to the next.

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Destination Assignment

  1. What are the steps you have trying to take to drive into your dream?
  2. How can you transform those into a Power Move?

Love and Hugs,

Tiffany D. Flowers