How to Cure a Perfection Attack

Hello my forward living friends!!!!For the last few months we have been discussing perfectionism. How perfect isn’t complete; it’s a process of growing, maturing, developing, evolving, and flowering. Operating under any other idealistic definition is a set-up for bondage. As you hopefully have, I’ve been taking a trip to weed myself of poisonous thought processes on this subject.

I won’t lie. As I was preparing for my 30th birthday celebration last month, I was in a rut and on emotional roller coaster due to falling into and fighting our of old thought habits. My focus was on all the things I haven’t accomplished. Time had flowed by. Have you been there too? I know I can’t be alone on this. Questions may have run through you mind such as, “I must have made too many mistakes what’s the point” “I’m too old,”“ What’s wronged with me,? “This is taking too long.”I know x but I can’t walk it out. What I was experience was a perfection attack. I phoned a few friends to get me backed centered.

I walked away from this experience with a gorgeous tasty cake, an amazing dress, and a question. I posed the question how do I deal with my imperfections especially when they gang up on me. (Perfection attacks are no joke) One quote from Cindy Trim’s book The 40 Day Soul Fast helped to keep my peace. It stated,

God’s strength is always made perfect in your weaknesses. ( or imperfections added by me) Don’t apologize for your shortcoming instead, watch for God to fill your voids.”
After mediating on Cindy’s word of wisdom I was able to identify how to overcome when perfectionism attacks.
1. Remember it’s not about me. Say it with me “It’s not about me” God will complete what He started in the meantime He will show-up Himself through me.
2. Catch yourself in the act and choose stop.
3. Flip the switch on what going right.
4. Walking away from perfectionism is a process not an overnight trick. The fact that you are open to changing is a sign of progress.
5. Take a moment to love on you. You take a physical, mental, and emotion beating when you are critical of yourself. Replenish yourself with some TLC. Call a friend, watch a movie, and don’t forget to breath.
6. Praise God anyhow and anywhere. Praise is a healer and a breakthrough guarantee.

Divine Assignment
1. What are 3 triggers to your perfectionism?
2. What are signs that you are having a perfection attack? ( This can be with your thoughts, mood, physical symptoms)
3. What are your 3 TLC activities to build yourself up?

Sparkle On,

Tiffany D. Flowers