Life Transformation Coaching

Tiffany D. Flowers offers Life Transforming Coaching Program to Reach Your Next Level Of Your Destiny.


Please see below about Future Focus programs:

Power Her Hour:  This is a private , one-hour consulting call with Tiffany via call designed to help you cover whatever is blogging down with any challenges , questions, blocks , or opportunities to transform your life and business. During Your private strategy session, you can address any topic.   Packaged with a minimum of 3 session  to solidify a you launch to your life.

VIP Empowerment Club: Join a group of Princess Warriors who are determine to build their Queendom, free themselves of stress, stress , and have conquerable goals. Join a choice of your mastermind group

Work That Crown 30 Day Kickoff : Get a solid plan by assessing personal needs, get clarity, rid your frustration that is hindering you.

Mastermind start Feb 8 , 2018

The Crowned Warriors Mastermind: Commit to you and your fellows queens for 6 sessions to position your self to make  major life changes , become happier, become stronger leaders , navigate office  politics , navigate setbacks and have a plan that you can get results within 90 days.

Mastermind start Feb 8 , 2018