Dress for the Occasion

April showers brings May…snow? No I’m pretty sure the saying is April showers brings May flowers; however, as I looked out the window, there is snow in May, where are the flowers??? There nothing more than I love is when the winter finally breaks, I can finally start wearing my favorite dresses, shirts, and bright colored heals. But noooo! it’s snowing and I have on full weather attire. I even looked at the calendar and yep spring started March 20th.  To make it worst I view pictures of my friends in different states bragging on temperatures of 80 degrees (which is just cruel by the way)

While I have been bummed out that I haven’t been able to ware my pink open toe heals, it did get me to thinking. Yes while there was snow it was indeed Spring even though outside did not match the picture of what I had on my mind.  The fact is that there are four seasons but each year they manifest differently. Sometime we have short winters and long summers, springs where the pollen is higher than the last, or fall comes swiftly. We can never quite know why, but can be assured each season will run its course.

Just as there are seasons in weather, there are season in our lives. I don’t know what season you may be in now, it might be a sunny day but you are facing opposition with the potential to seal your bounty.  Or maybe like here in the mid-west your season of winter has lasted longer than expected. What I do know is every season carries its own purpose, challenges, and possible disparities.  Embrace the forecast, dress for the weather, it cannot be rushed or compared to others. Your season must run its course.  There a reason for the season that is connected to your destiny and legacy.

Destiny Assignment
1. What season are you in in your life and why?

2. Write your belief for the purpose of the season?

3. What attire (needs) or actions do you need to finish the course?

Love and Hugs