Are you Moving With Winning Motives? (answer below)


Intrigued? Hopefully so, It only took 25 days to come up this mysterious title and another month to write it down ( dramatic I know but it’s so me lol) But seriously, it really did take over a month to reach down in my spirit to bring forth a message I pray will reach you. This was a process because it was also a lesson for me. I sincerely desired for this month’s Future Focus article to be profound so it could have an impact from a place much beyond me. I wanted the right words and to be eloquent or simply put perfect.

During this process it hit me, how many others like me has something to share or place to reach, a goal to obtain, a picture to paint but the motion to move is weighed down in the desire for perfection? The gift you have is being hidden from those who are waiting on you but they just don’t know your name.

Perfection is a dream killer often rooted in fear or shall I say self righteousness. It is written that there was only one perfect Man. This being so, how can we set such an unobtainable goal for ourselves? Who gets the glory for what you produce? If the answer somehow points to the answer “me” it’s time for a motive check. Our motives dictate our motion toward or away from for ordain destination in life.

How about progress? or a spirit of excellence? Or my favorite… better than? I’m not where I want to be but I’m in a better place than I use to be. I can handle stress better, manage my money better, plan and execute better, I love myself better. I don’t know about you but that felt good reading that out loud.

Get glad with better and throw away perfect; it’s weighing down you motion.



Destiny Assignments

1. How does perfection impact you?

2. If things were “perfect” what would you be doing?

3. How can the concept of “better” move you forward ?

S/n I would love to hear back from you