Super Hero Day or Not!

“It’s a Bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!  Everyone knows that popular phase. Superman an all-time hero. I’m more of an X-men fan myself.   Storm, Beast, Wolverine, Cyclops, and let’s not forget the unforgettable Jean “The Phoenix.” Watching these superheroes every Saturday morning with my niece was more than a tradition.  We would be clued to the t.v. seeing how these characters would run into a battle every week, release their superpowers and gain yet another victory.  My niece and I then would argue over which X-man or Power Ranger we were (I was the pink one by the way). While we may be introduced to comic book super heroes as a child they linger over into our adulthood.

There something captivating about these fictional characters. Maybe it’s their powers we desire in a world we can easily “feel” powerless in. For me and maybe for others its comic heroes like Jean and Storm I imagined because like them I was a fighter. Like me or you, every-day can become a battle to win against the “bad guys” like depression, fear, doubt, an expected bill, a dream that seems too far away from where you currently stand. Only we do not have fictional powers to change the weather from a raining evening  to a sunny day. Blast fire from the sky and be 100 percent confident we will win yet again.

But the truth is, we like in cartoons and movies have battles. In all of us is a desire to be a superhero only in plain clothing (or not make it fun why don’t ya). To fight battle after battle and remain an unaffected victor.  However, we are not fictional characters; we are real with real challenges and real opportunities. We can’t fight every week and believe there are not any scars.

I writing this to you to say sometimes to fight you have to rest. While there is a power on the inside of you working within, the side effects of the battle are normal. We often do ourselves a disservice by trying to be a cartoon instead of a human who is strong and can rest simultaneously.

I encourage you this month to muscle up your entire strength and rest hero for yet another victory.

Love and Hugs,


Destiny Assignment

  1. In what are areas are you pushing yourself too hard?
  2. How can you alleviate some of the pressure?
  3. What power /talent do you have that can be strengthen if it was nurtured ?