New Year, New Level!

Happy New Year!!!  As I reflect over the past year, I noted contributions to my successes and to my unfilled goals. Settling is what I identified as a barrier.  Have you every settled for less? At some point in your life like me, I can confidently say yes you have.  Settled for less than you were worth. Settle for a mundane life when you have a dream in your heart which will not silence itself no matter how hard you try.  Life happens to all of us and it has the potential to paralyze us.

Even the internationally known boxer Rocky Bolboa had to make a decision when challenged to become the boxing champion seemed bigger than him. He could have chosen to settle for a boxer or to become the champion.  As we have started this journey together settling for less can no longer be an option.  Just think If Rocky would have buckled instead of striving we wouldn’t have the best theme song known to man!

The problem often is we bury our true desires. Trade them in for what we believe is more obtainable. However, you were not born to live a life under your potential or talents. You will prosper this year and manifest your heart’s desire.  As we rekindle your passion, your dreams for 2013 will no longer deferred.

Keys to Raising the Bar in 2013

1. Give Permission: Give yourself permission to dream again and reconnect to your vision. What is it that makes your eyes light-up just by speaking about it?

2. Stay Optimistic: Surround yourself with daily inspiration; create a vision board with pictures of your goals you will obtain, read or listen to audios that gets your blood pumping (it worked for Rocky)

3. Become a Cheerleader.   I know what you are thinking; no you do not have to go buy a cheerleader’s uniform. You can however, encourage yourself with positive statements such as “I am on my way”  “I have what it takes to accomplish my goals” Post this affirmation around your home.

4. Let Your Efforts Meet the Right Time:  One thing I do know is the only thing we can control is our work ethic and your attitude. Put forth the consistent effort and trust in due season you will reap your reward.

Destiny Assignment:

Write how your life would look if there were not any barriers. List the goals and dreams you have. Then make a decision to take a step that will move you toward your goals.  I look forward to hearing about your dream and the steps you have taken.

I believe in you.          

Love and Hugs,