Without an I.D. Card

Don’t you just hate that? You drive to the grocery store, find a parking spot 3 blocks away from the store, fanangle through herds of people to purchase the last two ingredients for tonight’s dinner just for you to hear the cashier ask as you finish swiping your debt card, “Can I see your I.D.?” As you search in your wallet you realized that the ingredients are right there in front of you, you have taken the necessary action needed but you can’t make the transaction. Unfortunately, this has happen to me on one ok two occasions.

I spent years enduring and overcoming the difficulties being raised in the inner city with the odds stacked against me. I turned to my pen and paper as my source to release pent-up frustration and depression. It served as my primary way of being heard and seen. I realized that I was not alone and many others I came across with diverse backgrounds had this inward /outward struggle of having to hid and ignore parts of themselves as they strive to escape their circumstance and reach their personal place of success.

Thinking about this one evening as I was having another grocery store episode, it dawn on me that many people are out there like me, frustrated and tired of producing the necessary effort but not being able to make a transaction. I would like to ask you a question, have every thought the reason you labor has failed to produce a harvest is because you have left your inherited identification card behind? Or maybe even lost it?

In order to ensure a successful harvest one must know and operate in the characteristics of their true identity. I invite you on a journey that will empower you to have a restored identity and sense of security. Through sound information, creative expressions (i.e. poetry, narratives, etc.) and connection (in relations to self, people, and community) you will be able to possess the ordain position you are thriving for.

There will be monthly updates under Creative Collection. I invite you on this journey with me.Just don’t forget your ticket and your I.D.

With Love and Hugs,