He Said … She Said

There is nothing like a trying to get to the bottom of conflict amongst children. As an aunt of 11 nieces and nephews the story line usually begins with he said … she said. As I look forward to my trip home to visit my family and my new great-niece, I thought about how he said and she said can a vast amount of power, even when it comes to the direction we take in our lives. Once in college I was taking an advance Spanish course. While I minored in Spanish the vast majority of my course-mates were held majors and just returned from studying abroad in Mexico and Spain. As you can imagine, it was a tad challenging for me. Ok it more than that, it was hard! I couldn’t speak as well and I had to study more. My professor spoke to my advisor, and he said I should withdraw then she said I should and I agreed. But just this morning I realized I wasn’t failing and it was a great opportunity to improve my Spanish. But because he said and she said I walk away.
I wonder how many people on this journey with me walk away from the things they love and desired to accomplish because of a he said … she said moment. Think about it? Have you walked away from who you wanted to be? Memories stolen from what you wanted to try or go after? Like becoming a cheerleader or starting that new business? Today, you can decide to take away the power of what other people may say. Embrace the challenge that will accompany your transformation. You will have period when you have to study more, be in a room with individuals with more experience but if it is your destiny you belong there. It’s apart of your training. Know you can handle the season of growth and skill building.
So the next you encounter a dream killer tell them what Tiffany said, “I can handle this!”
Destiny Assignment
1.How has he said and said impacted your direction in your life?
2.List 3 way how you can step back into what you may have walked away from?