Tiffany D. Flowers is an Empowerment Speaker, Life Transformer, and Licence Therapist

As an acclaimed speaker, coach  and trainer, her approach is  transparent, passionate, and at times comical.  As the founder of Future Focus Life: Forward Living With A Sparkle, she combines more than 10 years of clinical experience with personal adverse childhood experiences to empower female professionals to live out their dreams authentically. She has the ability to inspire you to break down your barriers of success through  boosting your determination, passion, and gaining a clear direction to accomplish your goals.

The Pillars of Future Focus Life

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Prosperity: We have inherit monetizable natural gifts that with strategy and tools to live a life of abundance without the fear, anxiety, frustration and without compromising your values

Resilience – the ability to adapt to change and navigate setbacks – is a skill that can be learned to build an authentic, successful and happy life.

Self-compassion:  Building our Queendom with loving attitude towards ourselves, others, and our process of manifestation

Community:  We are creating a tribe of Princess Warriors in order to support , encourage, and provide a true sense of belonging through programming and conferences..

Practical Resources:  In order to be whole and successful as you define it, tangible tools, guides, and mentorship are provided

Being apart of  the Queendom Pact you have access to tools to conquer your goals all while expanding your income. Join our online community , coaching programs, and events . Subscribe to her blog for an empowerment topics with practical take-aways and life transforming results.

As her motto says ” Reset and start today!”

*Oh and don’t forget to laugh along the way.  She has plenty a fun stories for the ride.